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Partner with Taurus

It all starts with a conversation

Woman on the Phone

Goal Orientated

Our role in the process is to make sure the goals of candidates and clients align. If we are all focused in the same direction, we get quality recruitment. Which continues well into the client & candidate relationship.

Adding Value

No matter how good the HR or recruitment team, there is always wiggle room to improve. 
We collaborate with your preferred processes, put forward only relevant roles and candidates and provide an objective honest viewpoint. In short, we look to add value at every stage of the process.

Business Consultant


We are competing to be the best and working together is the only way forward. Our process is open and relaxed, we encourage everyone to be team players to find the perfect fit. 

We encourage open honest conversations from the start. Our consultants are human, we take ownership of all aspects of the process and we are always learning. If we screw up, we will say so.

Great recruitment, no bull.

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