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Bespoke service

Expert Strategies

As a boutique agency Taurus Medical Recruitment combines long term plans of the medical & health services that we work with, with that of the health professional.

82% of professionals consider culture to be crucial to their employment selection.

That means when you're looking for an effective fit, you need a company to look at more than just the 'education' part of the CV.

Specialist experience

Comprehensive Solutions

Here at Taurus Medical Recruitment our consultants work in one sector only and have their finger very much on the pulse of your market. 
Some people assume that a larger company or agency will have more experience. But, this isn't always the case. 
Working with our boutique agency you get access to a personable hands on approach, from a consultant who will know how to source the best talent and roles by joining the various intricate parts together.

Reaching the unreachable

Work With the Best

A boutique recruitment process gives you the benefit of a single point of contact, and a more focused collection of experts.

That means that recruitment processes can be completed more efficiently and you can be updated quickly.

One of the biggest benefits of working with our specialist recruiters, is that they can penetrate passive markets and discover the candidate that fits your role perfectly.

Great recruitment, no bull

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